We like big bums: Top 10 Celebrity Butt Selfie wish list

Kim Kardashian started a new celebrity Internet trend with a series of fabulous butt selfies in sexy white swimsuit. A few other more and less famous women including surfer Anastasia Ashley, Mercedes "MJ" Javid from "Shahs of Sunset" and her sex tape rival Myla Sinanaj have already put their own butt selfies online to prove their asses look as delicious and seductive as Kim's.

So, who's gonna be the next celebrity to join this informal ass beauty contest? Here's our own Top 10 Celebrity Butt Selfie wish list:


Beyonce Knowles is Jay-Z's Booty Queen never shy to make her fans happy with another breathtaking butt display, be it on the beach in tiny bikini or on the red carpet in a luxurious designer dress.


Coco's ass just leaves women jealous and men speechless. If any pair of female buttocks should be called The 8th Wonder of The World is should be Coco's big, round and yummy babies. Ice-T, we envy you, man. We so sincerely do.

Iggy Azalea

One close-up of Iggy Azalea's magnificent ass will tell you more than a thousand of words. This bubble butt honey can do so much more than rap, namely make you lose your mind with one of her spontaneous rear view demonstrations.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez could be an all-time #1 in “The most talked-about ass” category, but she also more than deserves her place on our butt selfie wish list. Oh, please, Jennifer! Follow the trend and do a bum selfie like the one Kim K did. The world is waiting.

Jessica Alba

An all-American honey doesn't just have a pretty face with big beautiful eyes and one of the most charming smiles Hollywood has ever seen. She is also quite gifted in the below-the-waist area which she proved multiple times in her movies and photo sessions.

Jessica Biel

Just look at this masterpiece of an ass and you will know why Justin Timberlake put a ring on Jessica Biel's finger. This wonderful, firm and delicious pair of buttocks will fill your mind with explicit images, erotic fantasies and depraved ideas.


Rihanna's ass plain simple looks perfect both on and off stage. Just look at this ebony goddess in sexy black swimsuit working the shiny pole during a recent poolside photo session and you'll know what we mean.

Serena Williams

In all women's sports surfer chicks and female tennis players probably have the best asses around. So as far as surfing star Anastasia Ashley already posted her butt selfie in response to Kim Kardashian's one we decided to go with another champion beauty from the world of sports. Yeah, those firm sporty buttocks just make you love tennis even more.


Shakira's ass doesn't even need a special introduction. Just watch this hot Latina shake it as she dances and sings in one of her popular music videos. What an unforgettable viewing experience and what a candidate for our butt selfie wish list!

Sofia Vergara

Blessed with a dream of an ass this Colombian beauty is such an eye candy whichever angle you look at her from. Ladies from this part of South America are naturally predisposed to having the most beautiful posteriors out there and Sofia Vergara might be the best of the best in this category.

So here are 10 beautiful and famous ladies we'd just love to see follow Kim Kardashian's butt selfie trend and post some hot pics of their sexy buttocks online.

Got your own Celebrity Butt Selfie wish list? Share it with us in the comments section below.

xMike more than a month ago

Coco`s ass is just un-freakin-believable and Sofia Vergara is my #2 for sure - pure beauty

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