NFL scandal: Colts' Trent Richardson has an orgy sex tape!

Indianapolis Colts running back Trent Richardson is set to face the Titans tomorrow night and their defense is currently ranked #9 in the league allowing just 326.2 yards per game. It's gonna be a tough match, but is his mind set on the game as it should be?

According to TMZ somebody is actively shopping around Trent Richardson sex tape and the video has the NFL player having an orgy with at least three women. Could it be the reason Trent is running less and catching more in November? C'mon, he had less yards in his last game than he had women in this homemade porn video! Y'all fantasy owners should be really worried cuz you know these kinds of scandals tend to affect the players' productivity in an utterly negative way.

As for the tape, nobody seems to be interested yet, or maybe it's just because the guys know the lawyers they would have to deal with should they try making it work and those names just make it not worth even trying. Well, then it's still NFL's very own Trent Richardson and THREE hotties bumpin' uglies on camera, so you can bet the video will end up on the Internet sooner or later.

We'll be waiting.

Trent Richardson can’t sell his orgy sex tape
23/12/2013 01:43 AM Trent Richardson
NFL scandal: Colts' Trent Richardson has an orgy sex tape!
13/11/2013 06:26 AM Trent Richardson