Miss Colorado Teen USA Runner-Up Kristy Althaus does porn!

Melissa King showed them the way going from a beauty pageant queen to a pornstar with just one sex video and now other young wannabes start following her path to porn glory.

Kristy Althaus was Miss Colorado Teen USA Runner-Up back in 2012 and a few days ago Girls Do Porn released her first ever adult video. It’s quite a standard one actually. It starts with Kristy being interviewed in a hotel room talking about her first blowjob and first intercourse. As soon as the interview is over she strips naked and goes straight to business showcasing her porn skills in a variety of oral and vaginal sex positions.

The video was released on January 24th and barely a week later there isn’t even a mention of Kristy Althaus on Miss Teen USA website, just a blank spot where her name used to be as the 1st runner-up.


Ain’t that a little harsh for the country where porn is legal? Do they really think nobody knows some of those beauty pageant participants end up working as escorts or doing sex vids in one form or another? If you don’t want these young ladies to spoil your image just add an extra rule that would prohibit them from doing porn. If you tell them they can’t get married while holding the crown you can easily tell them to not do X-rated videos as well.

Personally I don’t think this story will ever stop hot Miss Teen USA contestants from making quick cash in adult industry. Scandals like this one might even make it a more desirable path to choose cuz you know any publicity is good publicity.

Did you already see Melissa King’s first ever porn video? Check it out and tell us what you think of her debut performance in the comments below.

j smith more than a month ago

I have to say I enjoyed looking at her naked 18 year old body. She is legal and if she wants to get naked, I am all for it. I love looking at hot, naked teen girls like this.

ilove2lickawoman more than a month ago

Just because a woman does porn does not mean she is a bad girl or bad influence on people

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