Mimi Faust sex tape turns some heads in showbiz!

In her own words Mimi Faust is a "self-made dance machine, potty mouth and a mother", but from now on we have every right to call her "greedy mouth and sex machine".

Wonder why? Check out her "leaked" Mimi Faust sex tape that somehow got officially released by Vivid today. She is getting it on big-time with her new boyfriend Nikko, the guy she’s been dating after quite an ugly breakup with her baby daddy Stevie J.

As you know Mimi has always been the voice of reason on the show. No wonder we were pretty surprised to see her on tape taking a shower with her muscular ebony lover and getting nailed doggystyle right in front of the camera. Let us tell you, this mama still got the moves and can put on a jaw-dropping show in bed for all y’all celebrity porn to enjoy.

What do you think of Mimi Faust sex tape? Join the discussion in the comments section below.


Update: Mimi Faust sex tape was officially released on April 21st

Nyasha more than a month ago

Hahahaha Chipo ndaseka hangu... the best comment I've read online this week

austin more than a month ago

how did she not know she was being filmed?

angel more than a month ago

You Guys can say what you want about her age, but she looks damn good to be 45. Can some of you say the same thing about yourselves?

lil scrappy more than a month ago

so stevie j has a sex tape

Ashley goree more than a month ago

Wtf u we're thinking u got a fucking dauther u should be ashamed of ur self bitch u nasty I hope u don't kiss ur dauther with those lips u just fuckin nasty

Chipo more than a month ago

In all honesty i dont know what's more shocking....the sex tape or the atrocious spelling and use of english by the "adults" posting comments here. America ...I weep.

more than a month ago

mimi you are a thot

more than a month ago

all them camera angles and she didnt realise what was going on!? LOL

more than a month ago

like mimi y u makin a sex tape u like frikkin 45 leave the sex tapes to kim and kanye

Vendetta more than a month ago

You guys are major assholes! She didn't know she was being recorded!

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